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Furious Creative has been helping businesses redefine their brands and advertising strategies since Wednesday. A full-service creative agency with big ideas, almost all of them fiscally sound, Furious specializes in strategic marketing, branding, campaign concepts, design, copywriting and web development.

Furious is the result of a merger between feelings of growing frustration and general unrest. As a group of artists and creative professionals who’ve worked in marketing and advertising for the majority of our adult lives, we strive to give our clients original concepts, artwork and strategy as well as structure, dependability and effective account management. We found the best way to make that happen was to take matters into our own hands.

We feel we have a responsibility to our clients—not only to take a weight off their shoulders, but to make their marketing effort an exciting and enjoyable process. Sometimes we supply them with a nice home brew to facilitate this process. However, when beer is not involved, we work. We work hard to achieve our clients’ business goals in new and interesting ways—so that results can be achieved, success can be measured, kudos can be given, and high-fives can be exchanged.

While you may find we have an ability to laugh at ourselves, we want you to know we take our work and our working relationships very seriously. We consider our problem-solving abilities equal to our artistic abilities, and we feel this combination is what makes our work standout and gain respect in the industry.

We don’t come with egos, just good ideas. We don’t wear black turtlenecks, drink Martinis before noon or smoke Virginia Slims like they’re going out of style. Which they did—before our lifetime.

As advertising professionals, we know that billing on the time and materials model is a cruel and inhumane way to punish our clients. And yet, we persist. However, we must state in our defense—we don’t plan to be millionaires or buy a small island in the Pacific. In fact, our rates are shockingly low for our brand of genius. Still, there are those who continue to try to negotiate us down. You know who you are. And we applaud your tenacity.

We have built a reputation for smart, original concepts by giving every project, large or small, the attention it deserves. With a list of ADDY-winning campaigns, Furious Creative only exists to create outstanding work for our clients. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results we can help you achieve, and we hope you also have some fun along the way. Because if you aren’t having fun with us, you’re most likely missing the fun-having gene altogether.

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